I started this blog when I lived in America, but was planning my return to the UK. I wrote about the process of unraveling a life in one place in order to rebuild a life in another.

I have now been home for several years and, while the move has been a huge success, I recently suffered a bout of what I can only assume is depression. I worked my way through this in 2016, and decided to spend 2017 focusing on all the positive things in my life, rather than on the negatives.

I plan to catalogue them through photographs and will post one a day for the whole year.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Have been enjoying your photos of “This England”. You had a link somewhere for English terms of phrase and there implied meanings. I can’t find it again! Help please Louise. Thanks

  2. As a Brit still feeling desperately homesick after 8 yrs in the US, this blog has given me a glimmer of hope for returning when I can untangle the ties here and satisfy the rules for a second application for ILR for my husband. Thank you for a wonderful blog.

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