The Moors and Pinhaw Beacon

One thing that is amazing about where we live is the variety of scenery. Here around our little house, it’s all rolling hills and greenery.

But if we walk less than a mile from here – and about 900 feet up – we can be up on the moors, where all you hear are curlews and all you see is cotton grass, heather, and the occasional rabbit.

I have always loved the moors, so my favorite walk is a 4-mile circuit up to Pinhaw Beacon. This is so-named because it was one of the designated beacons during the Napoleonic wars, when Brits were scared that Napolean might actually invade. If he did, fires were to be set at the sites of each beacon as a warning.

Now it’s just a stone with the immortal word “Dre” carved on it (presumably not done in Napolean’s time unless the rapper Dr. Dre is much older than we think).


The view from up here is amazing on all sides


And it’s quite a climb, so I always feel proud when I make the peak.


The walk back down is much easier (of course) and you start to get views of the green hills and the trees that are missing up on the moors.



4 thoughts on “The Moors and Pinhaw Beacon

  1. It’s just wonderful, Louise! If you only knew how much it would suit me to live in a place so open! Just enjoy where you’re living and keep posting the pictures, please. Thank you.

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