A Day Out in Manchester

After so much blogging about the countryside, I’m pleased to have something different to show you. Last weekend was Phil’s birthday and he decided he wanted to spend it in his home city of Manchester, so off we went to meet some of his oldest and closest friends for lunch and a walk round town.

I don’t have their permission to post their photos, so I’ll just say that we had a lovely lunch (thanks again Dave and Deb!) and enjoyed a good walk round the city.

Here’s me next to the poster for Kenneth Branagh in Macbeth (did I mention I have tickets?!!)


And here are a series of shots I took as we walked round town.











Manchester is an amazing and vibrant mix of old and new, commercial and residential, trendy and traditional. There are vast shops the size of a city block that sit shoulder to shoulder with old libraries, theatres and pubs. We walked by the canal, strolled through the hushed vaults of an old library, and enjoyed a drink outside a lovely pub in the sunshine. And most important of all, Phil got to enjoy his birthday with a few of his very best friends.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and, although we were glad to get back to the peace and quiet of the countryside, we both agreed that a trip back for shopping is in our near future.


2 thoughts on “A Day Out in Manchester

  1. Its nice to take a visit to a city or large town now and again, its years since i walked Manchester city lots of changes i think i would get lost now Louise, so glad you enjoyed you visit great photos.

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