The Magic is in the Light

Listen to any two Brits talk for any length of time and you’ll hear them complaining about the weather.

It’s too grey. It rains too much. It’s not warm enough.

All these things are true – it is grey, it does rain a lot and it’s not hot here.

But if it didn’t rain, if there were blue skies every day, if the temperatures got up into the 90s, then nothing would be the same.

I think this is what the complainers don’t fully comprehend.

The greenness here is so intense that it’s like a spiritual presence. There are no scorched brown lawns, or scrubby fields – there are just different shades of green as far as the eye can see.

Guess what – that’s because it rains a lot and isn’t hot.

Have no rain and intense heat and you can say goodbye to the green.

As for the clouds – yes, there are a lot of grey skies and a lot of clouds. But if it wasn’t for the clouds, we wouldn’t get these shafts of light that break through, ricocheting off the green fields, creating dazzling patterns and ever-shifting colour combinations.

I went for a walk this evening. The day had been grey and dark but towards evening, the clouds began to part and the sun began to sneak through, creating amazing effects – like a painting only better. The photos I took can’t begin to capture how it actually looked but they’re a start.










To the moaners I say, if you want to exchange all that for parched earth and dull green/browns and light that is the same no matter which direction you look, you should emigrate to one of the more extreme climates. Me, I’m staying here, watching the play of light across the fields and admiring the way the clouds shift and change, constantly creating new versions of what was there before, what has has existed for millennia. Me, I’m just appreciating what we have.


13 thoughts on “The Magic is in the Light

  1. I totally agree. Maybe it is better to talk about the weather than talk about other subjects.
    Me I would like to complain about the heat. Today is up to about 98 degrees. Not comfortable.
    Thank you for the pictures. I know you are happy there and so would I be.

    • I see in that one picture, the one with the sign for the footpath, there is a green tractor of some kind. Are they knocking down a building?

      • no John, there’s no building there.. Must just be where the farmer left his tractor for the night.

  2. Its one thing i look forward too when coming home from a day out on the coach, the setting of the sun it cast gloreous shapes of light ,not so long ago the light shafts had a lovely pink hue which reminding me of the S, African sunsets they have beautiful sunsets Louise.

  3. Ah, so lovely. On the way from Scotland to my mother’s in Buckinghamshire, we stopped off for lunch in Sedbergh. Not a million miles from you, I’ll warrant. So beautiful it made me both sad and glad. How does beauty do that?

    • Oh interesting – we’ve had Sedburgh on our list to visit for months now and still haven’t made it there. Maybe in the next few weeks.

  4. The one thing that smacks you in the face about the UK is the colour green! You come in by air, look out the window of the plane, and it’s just a delightful patchwork of greens. I love it – and miss it – though here in Alberta right now, we are looking lush and green. It’ll last for about three months!

    • I really missed the green when we were in New York, because the heat just made it impossible. Here I haven’t had to water the lawn once (obviously!)

  5. I was just talking about that with my hunny… we can’t wait to be away from the heat, the extremes of the weather… something not too hot, never too cold (it’s not, Canadian winters all my life – believe me, UK winters are practically SPRING here!) I can’t wait to get “home” to the UK!

    • I saw your blog – I almost envy you all the excitement you have to come. (I said almost only because I think we’ve moved enough to last us a lifetime, so I’m glad I have it over with – but you have so much to look forward to, and so much to enjoy. Be sure to savour all the ‘firsts.’

      • We are trying! I think it’s the most talked about subject in the house right now – but we aren’t “telling” anyone yet (besides the big anonymous internet world – unlikely our family will see it) so it’s a little constrictive. I can’t wait till when we can share it with family and friends. My blog will have to be my release for now. 😉
        I read YOUR blog and just drool over it. LOL! Keep it coming!

  6. Great pictures. As I write my shoulders are peeling from sunburn! I worked in the yard for an hour and I am paying for it. In addition, I got bitten to by horseflies!! LOL Too many insects here. Glad you are enjoying yourselves and after a year you still feel settled and happy. I really enjoy your blog.

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