We’ve been busy lately with our business and with getting the house sorted out, but we’ve also been taking opportunities to get out into the Dales as often as we can (I really would love to be retired so I had time for all I want to do!)

We’re now about 10 minutes drive from the south end of the Yorkshire Dales national park, which is just amazing to me.

If you’ve never been here, I hope that the photos I share will persuade you that it’s a good idea to change all that.

First Littondale, which was a complete surprise to us. We drove from Settle to Arncliffe on a road we had read was beautiful, and boy was that the truth! Here are some of my photos. (If it looks this good in foul weather, imagine how nice it will look if we ever get a sunny day.)

The first two photos were taken in Settle.



The next two were on the road from Settle to Arncliffe.



And here is Arncliffe, original home of Emmerdale Farm.


Next time, I’ll share my favorite dale with you as we just spent a very happy Sunday there.

4 thoughts on “Littondale

  1. Louise this place is so beautiful to see which we have been through dozens of times before, Hawes is a lovely village they have a flea market there and a good big cafe cum restaurant nearby it is upstairs also a pub opposite, thank you for your blog it very interesting to read.

  2. Had a pint of bitter once in Arncliffe and can remember the barman dipping down below the bar and up came the pint from nowhere! I know Dentdale is actually in Cumbria but well worth a look Louise. We stayed the night in Dent and wandered into the local pub only to find Mike Harding sat in the bar and joining in a sing song. Happy days.

    • Yes, he keeps a barrel of beer under the counter and serves from a jug! We are definitely taking your advice and heading to Dent soon. We’re going to have a few days in Swaledale and I think we’ll visit then. We were in your other favorite today – Coverdale. Lovely place.

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