Let’s Talk About the Rain

It has to be said.

It rains a lot here.


It probably rains more than it does wherever you live. Which means that if you’re thinking about moving back to England, you need to factor in the rain.

I’m a little bit weird. I don’t mind the rain and I don’t mind cold weather. I look better in winter clothes. I feel more comfortable in big jumpers and coats and wellies than I do in summer blouses or frocks. And I like going out for a walk and being buffeted by the wind and then coming home to a cosy warm house and dry clothes. Something about that makes me feel very safe and contented.

But I freely admit that this is not normal.

I understand that some people love to sit out in hot weather, roasting their skin and cracking open another cold beer. I may not understand you people, but I know you exist.

And here’s the thing. If that’s you, you’re going to have a really hard time here. We get very few days where you can sit outside in such heat that your skin changes colour. In fact most of our days out are more of an adjustment than anything. (“Yes, I know we planned to go for a long walk but it’s raining really heavily so let’s do X instead.”)

Phil and I have spent several weekends like that recently and I admit it: last weekend, the weather even started to get me down a little bit. We had gone to Littondale, which is just an incredibly beautiful place. We should have been out of the car walking through the hills, but the rain was torrential and we just didn’t have the clothing. So we were trapped inside the car, only able to look out without participating.

And yet now that I look back on that day trip, I don’t remember that feeling of annoyance. I only remember the stark beauty of the scenery, and the lamb who wandered into the middle of the road, and the lane so remote that I had to get out and open a gate so we could pass, and the sweeping vista that suddenly opened up before us through the mist.



It was a fantastic day and I don’t know why I let the weather get to me. But I did and that’s my point. I am a person who doesn’t even like warm sunny weather and even I got a bit cheesed off with the rain.

Now tonight we went out for a 3 mile walk and one mile in, the heavens opened up. We walked the other 2 miles with rain lashing against our faces and slowly drenching our clothes, so that by the time we got home, we had to peel our jeans off and our supposedly waterproof coats were wet on the inside. This time I didn’t get cheesed off because we had plans for the evening. After a quick change, we headed off to a local pub to sit in front of a roaring fire and have a few drinks and some food. The contrast between the bracing walk and the cosy pub was heaven.

As I write this, I’m sitting at my kitchen table and the rain is gently tapping on the windows and I have a glass of wine and honestly I don’t think I could be any more content.

But I’ll say again. This evening was heaven to me, a person who hates warm temperatures and who locks herself indoors the minute the thermostat goes above 75 degrees F. Would it really be heaven to you?

Only you can say.

15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Rain

  1. Me too, I love the inclement* of weather. I’m a little depressed when it is hot.
    Thanks as always for posting.

    *inclement and inclimate?

    • John I always dreaded summer in New York because I’d just shut myself in most of the time and wait for Autumn. If I did go out, I felt sticky and miserable and couldn’t wait to get home. That’s no way to live for at least 4 months a year.

  2. Louise,

    Your life sounds lovely despite the rain. I really do not like the heat, humidity, and all that goes with it. I so enjoy living with you through your writings.


    • Judy, you get real weather where you live! Extreme heat and extreme cold – we just hover in the grey damp middle 😉

  3. My husband lived with me in Scotland for 3 years and he HATED the weather. He l likes to be outdoors and in the heat! I like the sun. I will admit it. Love blue skies but I know I could adjust to cool, rainy, weather. Glad you are not put off by the rain and you are so happy.

    • It seems to me that the love of sunshine is one of the things that really makes some returnees unhappy. It’s easy to feel that you could adjust but it’s another thing to experience 4 weeks of solid grey skies with no sign of sunshine. Tough call.

  4. I do not survive heat and humidity well. I’m dreading next week when we’ll have a few days in the 80’s. Right now, it’s raining here in Illinois, too, and I’m perfectly content. I need to find someplace where it’s in the 50’s and 60’s all year long. That would be my heaven.

  5. I like rain, and I don’t like heat. But what I miss from having lived in the Midwest, is the sunshine. Even in the winter, in seriously cold temps, it was often sunny. Here in Scotland, it’s just grey and dull, and after a while, that does seep into your bones. Everyone is cheerier when there’s a sunny day (we had a couple this week).

    In my Christmas round robin to friends, I joked that I would write a book about returning to Britain after living abroad, and would title it “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

  6. Oh Louise this wet and sunny weather is lifes long pain in the UK, the dales the hills and mountains even in the Lake district and in Scotland the hills and the mountains you get this low cloud and it is mist or fog where you cannot see a thing in front of you, always before going walking check the weather forecast its vital for your safety.

  7. I spend most of my Summer in Australia indoors. So I am with you n the weather, the clothes (winter) I just feel more comfortable.
    Glad to read that you are content .

  8. I too feel so much happier in winter clothes. Me and hot weather do not get along and it seems to get worse every year. My husband loves the hot weather. I tell him that we stay indoors here in Australia because its too hot just as much as we would stay indoors in england because of “bad” weather. I long to come home to yorkshire for now I am living vicariously through your blog!

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