Day Trip to The Lakes

Last weekend we took a day trip up to Lake Windermere and then on to Kendal, the town we originally intended to be our new home. Funny how things turn out.

We actually went up there for a shopping trip to the Lakeland store, which if you’re in America is like Bed Bath & Beyond if it was taken over by a combination of Sharper Image and Pottery Barn – a massive store filled with ingenious inventions for the home that also look beautiful. It’s easy to spend a fortune and I’m sure we did. I saw I’m sure because I let Phil pay and walked away without finding out how much it all cost. It’s better for my stress levels that way.

Anyway, once the shopping was done, we headed off to Langdale Chase, a lakeside hotel that was featured on the TV show ‘The Lakes.’ We discovered it on one of our trips home back when we lived in the States and found that you can just wander the grounds, which overlook Lake Windermere, without anyone bothering you and without spending a penny. It was breathtakingly beautiful that day. Here are some of the photos I took.






On our way back, we stopped in to visit Kendal, which was the place we stayed on our first “lets-go-back-to-England-and-just-see-what-it’s-like” trip 3 years ago. We liked it so much that here we are!

These photos were taken in the market square.



As you can see, we picked the perfect day for our trip. Tomorrow, we are planning a drive up into the Yorkshire Dales, so please keep your fingers crossed for equally good weather.


6 thoughts on “Day Trip to The Lakes

  1. Breathtaking scenery. When I was a teen, me and my pals went youth hosteling to Lake windermere and surrounding towns. That was over 34 years ago but some of my fondest memories are of backpacking around the Lake District. Thankyou for your lovely pictures and your fab blog.

    • It’s so beautiful isn’t it? I never went there as a child as we spent our holidays in the Yorkshire Dales and on the coast, but that just makes discovering it as an adult all teh sweeter 🙂

  2. I love Kendal and Lakeland Ltd, i could have gone to Kendal this morning but i had jobs to do, Lakeland Ltd every month when the weather is good we shop at Booths at Windermere too i have these photos beautiful country, do you watch Countryfile on BBC1 Louise thank you for the great blog and pictures.

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