Sheep Are Not Stupid!

I’m becoming fascinated by sheep, which is probably as well since we’re surrounded by them now. They’re such sweet animals and so calming to be around. I’m working on sketching them – and not doing a great job so far I must admit, but in studying the way they move and their facial expressions, I came across this fun video on Youtube, created by a young girl for her homework. It’s called “Are Sheep Stupid?”

I recently read a study that said sheep were on a par with cows when it comes to intelligence and just slightly below pigs. It’s interesting that we’re only now developing intelligence tests that measure the way animals think rather than judging them against the way we think. As we learn more, it becomes clearer and clearer that farmyard animals have individual personalities, solve problems, experience emotion, and feel pain just as we do.

I am going to find it so distressing to see the young lambs taken from their mothers a few months from now.




My mum points out that the lambs wouldn’t exist if they weren’t going to be sold for food, and that the Dales wouldn’t look as they do without sheep farming, and I know all of this is true. But it doesn’t make it any easier to understand or to bear.



6 thoughts on “Sheep Are Not Stupid!

  1. I think I read that Paul McCartney said he wont let his farm animals be sent to the slaughter and he would let them die of old age. How nice. I think Paul lives up your way. He is very old now at 71.
    In your last pictures and specifically the one of your mother did you see those two lambs in the background and they appeared to be kissing.

  2. Yes i find that about lambs when you are with sheep with babies you want them to be still babies, then when they mature and ready for the abattoirs this is when real farming kicks in and for food on the table and realise what farming is all about.


    • I once wanted to be a farmer and then I realized what it was really about and realized it wasn’t for me! I think I pictured just looking after the animals and making sure they lived a happy life. LOL.

  3. I just watched a show on netflix called “vegucated” and I am now trying to go vegan. The images of the poor farm animals and the pain they went through has stuck in my brain(for now) so the last week I just prepared veggie casseroles etc and actually I enjoyed them. Don’t know how long it’ll last though!!

    • Linda, I went veggie after reading an article about a slaughterhouse. The journalist visited and described everything he saw and that was it for me. Over the years, I went back to meat a few times but in the end, I gave it up for good. There’s just no way I can think of that article and then enjoy meat. Too much pain and fear and horror for me. For veggie recipes, try Quorn as a chicken/mince substitute, and think ethnic foods – curries, stir fries etc. Also, maybe don’t pressure yourself to go all in – if you crave meat have some and then go back to eating veggie until the next time you crave it. I don’t know – just my two pence 🙂 The best part is that besides saving the animals, you can also save your health. Check out Kris Carr for more on this. She’s a cancer survivor and very inspirational.

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