I hope you’ll forgive me for the radio silence, but moving house took up all my energy this last few days.

If you’re at that stage where you’re just thinking about returning home and feel daunted by all you have to do, I hope my experience fortifies you to keep going. Because a) I do understand what you’re going through and b) I have been there and got the t-shirt saying ‘it really all does work out in the end.’

18 months ago, moving home just seemed like one long challenge. We had to get rid of all our stuff, sell our house and prepare the cats for the move and find a holiday rental and then find a more permanent rental and then ultimately buy a house (and get the cats through each one of these moves unscathed) and sometimes it just seemed too much.

But we got rid of all that stuff, sold the house, moved the cats, found the holiday rental and then found a longer-term rental and just this last weekend, we finally made the last move, into our beautiful new home in the Yorkshire hills. We are DONE. And we both agree that’s it. They’ll wheel us out of this place in a box.

Here are some photos of moving day and of the new house.

The trucks arrive at the house (we don’t have much stuff but they brought two in case the larger one couldn’t get down the narrow lane)


The kitchen in semi-chaos


The other end of the kitchen later that evening as things as started to take shape


Boxes of books waiting to be put on the shelves


A much-needed visit to the village pub


One of our cats getting settled


The other one bearing up under the strain


Welcome flowers from the neighbors


And this is how good I felt once it was all over!



11 thoughts on “Moved!

  1. Brilliant now you can rest easy now hoping your worries are over, you have come to one the best part of England i love Yorkshire especially the Dales and the countryside, good luck and do enjoy the life there.

  2. Love your new home….it IS beautiful. Looks like a place that just wraps its arms around you and holds on. Nice to see the happy smile on your face.

  3. Congratulations on your move and new home. The house looks gorgeous – everything I dream of very envious and happy for you at the same time. May you enjoy the beautiful walks you have shown us and trips to that delightful ‘local.’

    Thank you for all your posts so far

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