This weekend, I went for a couple of walks around our new house (We don’t move in until Thursday but we’ve been going there most days to meet workmen or take things over). I’ve already gone on and on about how breathtakingly beautiful it is so I won’t bore you with that again today. Because today I want to tell you about LAMBS!

The fields are suddenly full of them. Some are newly born – literally staggering around trying to find their feet – and some are a little older and full of beans, bouncing round the fields with their little friends. It’s hard to get good photos because the mothers are naturally protective and move their lambs away whenever you get close, but we did manage a few.

This little chap got separated from his mother and came running over to us to see if maybe we wanted to look after him. (As always, click to make bigger).


Luckily for Phil, that’s his mother behind, hurrying back into the field to take him back.

Here’s a field of mostly heavily pregnant sheep, but you can see one set of newborns with their mother. I love the way one of them is almost doing the splits because he can’t stand up properly yet


And this new mother kept a close eye on me as her baby slept


I took a video for you, but I’m afraid I couldn’t get very close and the wind noise is a little ferocious.

On the way back to the house I crossed a field full of sheep without lambs and therefore not as nervous. In fact, not only were they not nervous, they clearly imagined I had food with me, and so all of a sudden, they all began to run towards me. You’d be amazed how fast sheep can run when they think food is available! Realizing they weren’t going to stop and might actually knock me over in their enthusiasm, I did the only thing I could think of. Waved my arms around and shouted really at the top of my voice.

They all clattered to a halt and just stared at me as if I had gone stark staring mad. Which I suppose is exactly how I looked and sounded. Here’s a snap of their bemused faces.


As soon as we get settled into our new house, I plan to do a pen and ink drawing of that photo. It’s by far my favorite of all the ones I’ve taken since we arrived back in England. And by the way, that was almost a year ago. Hard to believe!


3 thoughts on “Lambs!

  1. this has brought a smile to my face, can’t believe one sheep has 3 lambs! love the sheep looking at you as well, will be a good sketch

  2. I think new lambs are one of the most beautiful animals that exist and then I also think kittens are beautiful.
    Oh thank you for the update. I love today’s photos. I can’t get the video to run. Maybe it will run later.

  3. What wonderful pictures! I love seeing baby animals and those lambs are just the sweetest little things. I cannot wait to see your pictures when everything is all green and lush. The area is so beautiful!

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