We’re Leaving England’s Happiest Town, Apparently

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

According to a survey done by the property website Rightmove, Harrogate is officially the UK’s happiest town. The Guardian explains:

Harrogate did not rank highest on any individual measure, but came top by virtue of its residents feeling happy across a broad range of factors. Harrogate MP Andrew Jones said: “I think it is about the sense of community in the town. It’s also a very down to earth place. There are lots of really good businesses which have grown organically and sensibly with little boom and bust. Youth unemployment in Harrogate is only 2.5%.”

At one of Harrogate’s most popular attractions, Betty’s cafe, manager Hazel Bone enthused about the town’s delights.

“It is a lovely town with a really good feeling and atmosphere,” she said. “There is a beautiful town centre with Victorian architecture, lovely attractions such as the Roman Baths, nice shops and lots of great places to eat.

“The town is well looked after and for me it has such a feeling of home that, having worked with Bettys for the past 18 years, I am finally moving here.”

Recently mum and Ian came to cat-sit for us while we were in Edinburgh and they both loved the town and the village we’re currently living in.

We landed here by accident really. It was on a list of potential places to live, but there were many other towns on there too. It just happened that the house we’re in now came up for rent and so we ended up here. But we’ve really loved it, and honestly if house prices weren’t so ridiculously high here, we’d probably have stayed.

But they are extortionate and so we’re off to the Skipton area instead. Funnily enough, Skipton just came second to Harrogate in another recent survey of the best places to live in Yorkshire and the North East. Second will do for me 🙂

(Regarding the move, the snow is finally receding somewhat up at our new home, and so it looks as though we’ll be moving towards the end of next week. Keep everything crossed for us!)

What about you? What’s your dream place to live in the UK?

7 thoughts on “We’re Leaving England’s Happiest Town, Apparently

  1. Thanks for the update. It is so exciting (I hate reading that word in the printed media) that you may be in your new place by this time next week.
    On the pictures you have posted it looks like there are homes? Next to yours. Yea or nea?

    • Yes, affordable is a silly words in England when it comes to property isn’t it? We’re paying almost as much for a house out in the countryside, 3 hours from the capital city by train, as we did for a larger house that was a 25-minute train ride from the center of Manhattan. Crazy!

  2. I envisioned you out in the middle of fields with nothing around you. Were the neighbors able to get out during the snow?
    Is the snow going away some?

    • We are in the middle of fields with nothing around us except the 4 other families in the other barns. This was once a farm so it’s a little cluster of buildings surrounded by fields. The neighbours were snowed in for one day. Yes, it’s going now.

  3. Skipton is a lovely town, surrounded by beautiful countryside. I also like Grassington but Swanage in Dorset would be my ideal choice if I’m staying in the lovely georgian town of Pershore.

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