A Country Walk

Things are a little nutty for us with a busy time at work, preparing to move house, getting this house ready for the landlord to show new tenants, and preparing to have my family stay for my nan’s funeral next week. Somehow there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day and the stress can build up. But whenever it does, I have a special prescription that I never had in America. Go out for a walk in the countryside around our house.

This walk is a 2 mile circuit along a public bridle path. It can be a little wet and muddy, but that’s why God made wellies. Here is why I love it so much







And I took a couple of short videos so you could hear some of the sounds.

So relaxing!

I was never much of a walker when I lived in England the first time, but now I really love it. How about you? Is this something you miss or would like to take up if you ever come back?


6 thoughts on “A Country Walk

  1. absolutely beautiful ,love listening to the sounds on the video. We walk every morning & do have the lovely scenery with a view of a lake where we live in Arkansas but pretty soon the snakes & bugs will be coming out with the warmer weather & then it’s not such fun !! Good luck with your house move 🙂

  2. When we moved to America, I missed a walk in the country more than anything. I just couldn’t believe that no-one walked anywhere, and that there wasn’t any countryside. It felt like only half living. And now we’re back, and I love it all over again, and appreciate it so much, much more.

  3. Beautiful, thank you. Made my morning to listen to those wonderful, gentle sounds. Scenery is very nice. I love the stone and gate. You are truly blessed.

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