56 Times

We started our last day in Edinburgh by taking a bus out to the old shoreline of Leith, on the recommendation of our friend Dave.



Lovely evocative setting complete with boats and cobbled streets. The bus ride back was amazing but because it was so unexpected, I didn’t have my camera out and therefore I can’t show you the grand Georgian houses of Stockbridge, but trust me, they were beautiful.

In the afternoon, we took the tour of the Palace of Holyrood House, which is the Queen’s official residence when she’s in Edinburgh. It was built in the 16th century and has housed the kings and queens of Scotland ever since.


The royal family’s private apartments are not open to the public of course, but many of the state occasion rooms are, as well as the real draw – the actual rooms that once housed Mary Queen of Scots. We even saw the small private chamber where she was dining with her ladies in waiting and her private secretary when, out of the blue, her dastardly husband Lord Darnley, along with a bunch of his henchmen, burst into the room, grabbed the private secretary (who they viewed as having too much influence on Mary), dragged him out into her bedroom and stabbed him 56 times.

There are no photos allowed inside the palace (and there are guards everywhere so I couldn’t sneak any) but I found this photo of the bedroom online.

8160285 Mary Queen of Scots Bedchamber

Here are a few more photos I took of the outside and the grounds, including an 11th century abbey that is attached to the palace.







We planned to finish off the day with a pub meal, but we had forgotten that pubs don’t serve meals on Sunday evenings, so we wound up in the chippy instead, ordering a genuine Scottish fish supper. This sign in the window isn’t a joke – they really do fry everything in Scotland.


We had a wonderful time, but this morning we were up bright and early for the train back home. I have to say, it was nice to breathe Yorkshire air again 🙂


One thought on “56 Times

  1. Have not been back here for a few days and as always your blog and photos make it a worthwhile trip. Thank you.
    Envious but you are spurring me on and soon I hope to be posting my own from another part of the UK.

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