That Was the River, This is the Sea

We did a lot of walking yesterday, and by far my favorite part of the day was the way we started – walking up Calton Hill to look out over the whole city. I’m finding that, while Edinburgh is an impressive and very beautiful city, I’m still happiest in the peace and quiet surrounded by green. You get that on Calton Hill, which is one of several city centre hills caused by ancient volcanic activity. I’ve never been to a city that has such a steep hill slap bang in the middle, so that you can look out at three hundred and sixty degree birds eye views.

Here are some of the photos we took


The tall peak you see in the photo below is Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano that apparently takes about an hour for the unfit to climb. (That’s why we chose Calton Hill instead, which took 5 minutes!)





Eventually we had to leave the peace and quiet and head back into the bustle of the city. And as it was Saturday, bustling it was.




After a really delicious lunch at a busy vegetarian restaurant called Henderson’s, we wound up on Princes Street. I was there a long time ago for a memorable job interview, although the HMV store I visited that day seems to have closed now, and it hasn’t changed a bit in that time. Still crazy busy, still heaving with people.


We quickly sought refuge in the Princes Street Gardens, which were filled with families enjoying the wonderful weather.



Finally, it was the walk back home for a much needed cup of tea and the rest of the gigantic scone that we couldn’t finish in Henderson’s. A good day. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

The post title comes from one of my all-time favorite songs. We both thought of it when we stood on Calton Hill looking at the river flowing out into the North Sea.

2 thoughts on “That Was the River, This is the Sea

  1. What a wonderful day out you had. Sitting eating a Scone, yum. Blue skies and snow on the hills. So glad you are enjoying and thanks for the historical info, interesting..

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