A Walk Along the Royal Mile

We took the train to Edinburgh, which turned out to be a pretty crammed affair as the passengers from another long distance train had been added to ours. Luckily we had reserved seats so it just meant that the train staff were a little more harried than usual. We got here late afternoon and after settling in to the rather grand old apartment we’ve rented for the weekend


we headed out for a walk. There were only a couple of hours of light left, so we decided to just walk up the Royal Mile which is the road that runs past this apartment building. It seems to be the tourist centre of town, as it’s lined with tartan shops and whiskey bars, but the buildings are amazing.




At the end of the Royal Mile, we got to Edinburgh Castle. It was closed for the day but the views just from the concourse are amazing.




We really enjoyed the walk and on the way back, we passed this guy caterwauling away on these hideous bagpipes.


Today is a glorious day, so we’re heading out to do some more walking. I hope it’s a lovely day where you are.


11 thoughts on “A Walk Along the Royal Mile

  1. As a person who really does not like music [strange I know but true] perhaps this is why I actually like bagpipes – I must have a skewed sense of hearing. However, I have fond memories from many, many years ago whilst I was walking my dog, of seeing a man walking across Bath Racecourse on a lovely summer’s Sunday, playing the bagpipes whilst dressed in a kilt. To me the sound was fantastic and I always felt that he must have been sent there by a long suffering wife – as far away from her as possible! It still makes me smile after all these years. So when you hear the pipes again, when you are up there, remember that they probably sound good to the tone deaf like me !

  2. I remember going with our school for the day to Edinburgh. I loved it. I took my daughter there when we visited from America when she was about 14, fond memories. LOVE all the beautiful pictures that you post. Keep up the great work, and thanks

  3. Edinburgh – my home city πŸ™‚

    Don’t forget to visit Princes Street, the main shopping area – and walk along Princes Street Gardens, too.

    At the other end of The Royal Mile is Holyrood Palace – well worth a tour.

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