Evening Walk

So I know I said I’d post a photo a day and I know I’ve been extremely lax, but my excuse is that we’re getting ready to take possession of our new house and have some work done on it, plus we’re in our busiest time of year for our business, plus we’re about to go away for a few days on a short holiday (pictures will come I promise!), and it’s just been absolute madness.

BUT, I did manage a walk several days this week and, although we’ve had a lot of grey weather lately, one of them was on the kind of perfect sunny, almost-Spring evening when there’s literally no better place to be on earth than the English countryside. I took some photos to share with you.




And I took this panorama shot with my iPhone as I walked back into the village.


It’s been very cold and grey ever since this beautiful evening, but today I did hear wood pigeons for the first time in months and the daffodils are almost ready to start flowering, so we really don’t have much longer to wait.

What about where you are? Have you seen or heard any signs of Spring?

7 thoughts on “Evening Walk

  1. Spring is here in MS. Azeleas blooming and some daffodils. Love your pics. I miss being able to walk places! Have to drive everywhere and when summer arrives, well then its time stay indoors!

  2. Wonderful pictures! I’m waiting for Spring, too. For the first time this year, we got 2 inches of snow. I’m about 110 miles southwest of Chicago. The City has gotten alot of lake effect snow, but we’ve only gotten a dusting a few times, so, I guess, yesterday’s snow was about it for winter unless we get a big surprise in March. I’m looking forward to some flowers and fresh breezes.

  3. More superb photos of my homeland, thank you. Here in grey Maine it’s 1* C with rain-snow expected this weekend, and next week. The only greenery I see are evergreens.

  4. Hi, Louise, I loved seeing your photos! Here in Boston we’re expecting more snow–just 3-6 inches on top of the 28 inches we got 2 weeks ago. Last year when I lived in Cambridge (UK, not Mass), I remember seeing the snowdrops out on the Backs at the end of February.
    Concerning walks, you may enjoy this post I wrote on going on walks in England, and how different it is in the US when people generally don’t go on walks. Here it is:
    Best wishes, Virginia Smith

  5. Oh, I want that panoramic shot blown up, framed and hanging in my home….beautiful. If it didn’t rain so much of the year, I do believe my Tennessee born soul would be quite happy in the English countryside.

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