The First Spring Lambs

I caught sight of these lambs a few days ago, but haven’t had chance to walk over and have a good look until yesterday. We were heading over to Southport for the day to visit Phil’s parents, so I had to go out early, hence the mist you see in some of the pictures. I wasn’t able to get very close, but I hope you can see definite lamb-age.




On the way back, I passed this field full of adult sheep, all staring towards a barn on the other side of the road. From that barn came the loud cries of one or more sheep (perhaps they were lambing?) and their friends were obviously perturbed by this and were making similar noises back. A worried sheep makes the weirdest noises I can tell you!


As I headed back into the mist I snapped this last picture, which came out rather well.


So anyway, if the lambs are here, Spring must really be around the corner!


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