Antique Shopping in Green Hammerton

We’ve exchanged contracts on our new house now with a completion date of March 1st. We’ll be doing some decorating before we move in, so we’re not quite sure of the exact move date yet, but we’ve started mooching around looking for furniture, lighting etc.

Today I thought I’d share pictures from a recent trip to a wonderful place called The Main Furniture Company which sits right on the edge of a little village called Green Hammerton – so far out on the edge that we actually thought we must have missed it. But no, that muddy farm track winding ahead of us turned out to be the entrance to a huge barn filled with wonderful old furniture along with lots of hand-crafted new pieces. I could mooch around places like this all day.






The village itself, which sits right between Harrogate and York, is very pretty too. I snapped a few photos, but it’s so quiet there that a couple of locals were flashing me suspicious glances, so I soon got back into the car!




We didn’t buy anything but we filed away a few things as possibilities. I think perhaps the browsing is the best part 🙂


5 thoughts on “Antique Shopping in Green Hammerton

  1. Hey Louise, you’re completing on my birthday! I can see a few things in that store that I would love but a bit too far unfortunately. Those village green photos are brilliant.

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