Phil, Revealed

For a long time, Phil has refused to allow me to post a photo of him on this blog. But tonight, we went over to visit our soon-to-be new home and met with a builder to discuss the work we want to do. Afterwards, we retired to a local hostelry where he was plied with cider and vegetarian lasagne and finally, in a fit of sheer joy, he agreed – just this once – to allow his picture to be posted on the worldwide web.


So now you know.

7 thoughts on “Phil, Revealed

  1. Okay, does he have bullets in that thing? What we know from this picture .. He is a tall man who likes zip-up sweaters and the left side. Is he left-handed? It appears he likes Italian, gets steak fries but makes himself feel better with a salad too. Is he hiding an armful of tattoos? No, if he had a sleeve he wouldn’t be wearing sleeves. I sense he has a lot of patience. Heh. Nah, nah, nah na na .. I’ve actually met the real live in-the-flesh man! He does exist!

    • The fries with everything is a UK pub thing – it makes us laugh every time. If you order curry, it comes with fries. Same with any pasta dish. But they do put that little green salad there to make you feel better.

  2. Laughing my butt off about the picture! But two other things … first, that lasagne looks *really* good. I just ate dinner and you’ve made me hungry anyway. Two, when I started reading your post, instead of reading “met with a builder”, my mind said “met with a butler”. In those two seconds I thought, ‘My, my, aren’t we getting fancy”. hahaha … Lordy, I’m getting old. šŸ™‚

  3. Reminds me of my friend Jane’s response to the question from the people who were buying her and her husband John’s house which had a BIG garden, “And will you gardener be staying on?”

    ” No, He’s moving to Ulverston with me!”

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