Are You Worrying About Bringing Your Pets Back to the UK?

I did.

We have two cats and I worried myself sick. I imagined all the worst scenarios. I was sure they’d never settle in again after living their whole lives in one house. I worried and worried and worried.

I needn’t have bothered.

This first one was taken a week after we arrived.


And life has continued in the same vein ever since.






If you’re worried about bringing pets over, I hope these pictures give some reassurance. They’ll be fine once they get here. They really will.


10 thoughts on “Are You Worrying About Bringing Your Pets Back to the UK?

  1. Hello Louise – my first comment ever! I have followed you on BEF while I was preparing my move back to the UK and agreed so much with your comments about England. I moved ahead of husband and cats in October and although I was on my own and lived a long drive away from work it was great to see early morning mist and frost and really just drink in the lovely countryside.

    I came back to the states for a long Christmas visit and luckily I can work from home because finally our house seems to have sold with a whirlwind closing of mid Feb. So – we are in that stage of needing to plan flights for both of us and our beloved cats.

    They have not enjoyed the packing up process nor my absence and the little one has groomed her feet down to the flesh poor thing. Luckily my husband has got them more used to being in their boxes in the car so I am a little more reassured about their travel.

    I have no doubts they will soon be demonstrating their utter devotion to a new bed, window ledges and even British robins!

    Your blog is great, really positive and such a pleasure to read. I hope your next move goes well.

    Thanks, Sonia (Torteval on BE)

  2. Hi, I was glad to see that your cats settled well. But I wonder about the UK’s strict rules and quarantine. Did your cats have to be quarantined for 6 months, or did a simple rabies shot do the trick? I will be really interested in your response! I took my cats the opposite way–from the UK to the US–and there was no problem except taking them first to the vet in the UK and making sure all their shots were up-to-date. They flew Virgin, which told me that they had “never lost a pet” which was encouraging.

    • No the quarantine rules have changed a lot. They had to see the vet a few weeks before the move and have some shots and checks, then we needed paperwork stamped by the US government but it was all very quick and easy. The change is something to do with brining Britain in line with the rest of the EU.

  3. We also brought our cats to England by air from the west coast of Canada just a couple of months ago. It was a stressfully long journey for them, with the extra 4 hours in transit at each end of the flight, but after a few days, aside from being very ‘clingy’ they found the cosiest spots in the house and returned to their customary winter snoozing!

  4. Thank you for your insight! We are due to bring our 10 month old pup back to the UK at the end of August from Santa Barbara. I worry non stop about it. So thank you for your words of encouragement!!

    • I know just how you feel Jo. My cats are honestly the most timid creatures imaginable. I hope my photos prove that they made it through unscathed! Good luck with the move and I just know everything will be fine πŸ™‚

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