It’s Melting!

I went out for a long walk today as it was absolutely lovely. Torrential rain last night washed away almost all traces of the 4 inches of snow we had the day before, giving the British press a good opportunity to predict doom and gloom from flooding. But there was no doom and gloom here – just a bright sunny day and a really lovely walk.



As this picture shows, I walked up where the poor people live …


One thing I really love about the English countryside is how many benches there are, and how they’re just put there for peoples’ enjoyment. There was no bus stop here, and no reason for anyone to spend money on a bench, and yet they did because there’s a nice view and we should all be able to enjoy it. Lovely.




Wellies are definitely needed for this path!


So we think that might be it – touch wood – for the snow, as the temperatures are warming up this coming week, even supposedly hitting the balmy heights of 50 by Tuesday. We’ll see!

Hope it’s warm and dry wherever you are.


2 thoughts on “It’s Melting!

  1. Another great blog. I enjoy your blogs very much. Temps in the 50’s are lovely and if the sun is out, even better. I hope you don’t tire of your blog because I look forward to it.

  2. Me too….love your photos….maynot leave replies…but always looking! As a yorkshire lass in NJ, I’m living through your camera:)

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