Scratching the Surface

No new photos today – it snowed again last night so once again, everything looks snowy! So instead, I want to show you a video. First let me explain.

I recently read a fabulous quote from a Yorkshire landscape photographer named Simon Atkinson who said:

It often puzzles me as to why people are so desperate to go abroad when they probably haven’t even scratched the surface of Yorkshire yet.

I do think we’ve scratched the surface of Yorkshire during the last 9 months, but not of Britain as a whole. There is so much to see here and a lot of it is easily accessible by train or car. So we’ve decided to take our first weekend break in a few weeks and after discussing various options like The Peak District, Stratford upon Avon, Norfolk, Northumberland, Dublin, Cumbria and Oxford, we finally made a choice. (Funnily enough, London – which is usually the only place Americans think of when they think of the UK – only came up when I tentatively said “I suppose there’s always London,” before we both quickly shook our heads and carried on looking at the map. I’m sure we’ll get there eventually).

We chose Edinburgh. Our thinking is that if the weather is bad, as it could well be in late winter/early Spring, we won’t be stuck for things to do and see. Plus we can take the train from our little village with just once change in York, so there’s no need to drive all that way.

We’re booking the trip tomorrow so I spent some of this afternoon surfing Youtube looking for information about what to see. There weren’t actually that many good videos, but I think this one gives a good flavour of the city.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? If so, what would you recommend?

And where would you choose to go if you were planning a weekend break in Britain? (We’ll mark any suggestions down for a future trip!)


4 thoughts on “Scratching the Surface

  1. Without a doubt Louise I would choose Thomas Hardy country in Dorset with special focus on the village of Corfe and the beautiful Swanage Bay which is still my favourite coastal town in the whole of the UK. Living near to Stratford upon Avon doesn’t entice me much, in fact the town itself is quite depressing and oh so busy.

    • I think Dorset is a little far for a weekend for us, but it’s gone on my list for a week’s holiday. Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Why not split a week in the south between Dorset and a visit to Bath. The Abbey, the Roman Baths, the Theatre Royal etc and …………… The American Museum – or is that “Coals to Newcastle” ?

      • That sounds great – we both fancy visiting Bath. Definitely will skip the America museum though!

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