Our Nearest World Heritage Site

Today’s pictures come courtesy of our lovely friends Ruth and Mark who live in one of England’s original model villages, now designated as a World Heritage Site – Saltaire near Bradford.

It’s a fascinating village, created entirely by Titus Salt, a Victorian mill owner. He wanted his workers to live happy and wholesome lives, so he built them houses, a community centre, a church, a school, a hospital … everything you could need for daily life. Well, everything except a pub because old Titus didn’t allow drinking. (Now Saltaire has several pubs and bars including one names ‘Don’t Tell Titus”).

It’s a lovely place. We visited in early Autumn and Ruth and Mark gave us a tour of the village and the old mill, which has now been turned into a spectacular arts gallery and shopping centre. Here are some of my pictures from that visit.




This one was taken inside the converted mill, which is really worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.


But of course it’s not sunny or warm now, and Ruth was kind enough to send over a few photos of Saltaire over the last few days.






It’s such an evocative place. Can’t you just imagine the workers, all heading to the mill on a cold winter’s day?

Thanks for sharing, Ruth and Mark!


3 thoughts on “Our Nearest World Heritage Site

  1. I never know whether to think these Victorian benefactors were great and noble men, or somewhat patronising. I suppose the former. They were of their time, and philanthropy, like everything, is culturally very conditioned. But I can’t help preferring living in an era where people have employee rights, and a minimum wage. Even though the end result might not necessarily be a happier community.

    Wow, what a cynical attitude. I didn’t know I thought that, until I wrote it! Perhaps I’ve lived in America for too long.

    • I know what you mean Iota. I’d much rather be living now …. but if I was alive then, I suppose I’d rather have worked for Titus than most of the other mill owners. Even if it did mean I had to sneak my alcohol in through the backdoor!

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