More Snow? Yep!

I wasn’t expecting this when we moved back, I really wasn’t. Did I block out memories of snow in years past, or is this unusual? But it was still child’s play compared to snow in New York or Toronto. Digging out the drive took 10 minutes not an hour and I wasn’t exhausted when we finished.


Still, the snow played havoc with the morning commute as you can see.


I was walking up the road past these cars and several drivers wound down their windows to ask me if I knew what was causing the jam and how far it went. One said “I wish I hadn’t taken the short cut off the main road now,” which does beg the question “Why in God’s name would you take a shortcut down a country lane in the middle of a snowstorm?” but I suspect he had learned that lesson for himself, so I didn’t say it out loud.

One thing I learned today is how hard it is to walk in deep snow. I went for my usual two mile loop but had to take a shortcut towards the end as I was flagging badly. Still everything looked lovely.





This one earned a bitter laugh


Back home work beckoned, but I did manage to watch the Presidential inauguration with Bean. (She was less interested than I was).


It’s so funny to think that four years ago when we watched the first Obama inauguration, I had no idea that we would be moving home. It’s a reminder than none of us knows what’s lying around the next corner. I just hope that for each and every one of us, around that corner is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “More Snow? Yep!

  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. Yes, Bean does look slightly disinterested. And good for you for going out for your walk even though it was in the snow!

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