A Cold Morning at Knaresborough Castle

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ve seen lots of Knaresborough



But you haven’t seen it in the snow yet. We took a quick trip over there today to have a walk and then warm up with a coffee in Cafe Nero. Then when we got there we decided it was too cold for the walk, so we took a few snaps and then headed inside for that coffee.






These hardy souls are the stallholders at the Sunday farmer’s market. I couldn’t believe anyone showed up!


Later in the day I did brace myself and go out for a walk, but I cut it short and only went a mile and a half instead of my usual two. Just too cold! Even the duck pond is half frozen.


They say we have more snow on the way over the next few days and probably another week of these cold temperatures.

Still, if you’re reading this in somewhere like Wisconsin or Alberta, you’ll chuckle when I tell you that by cold, I mean about 34 degrees Fahrenheit. What can I say? It’s cold to us!


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