One of My Favorite Spots in the Snow

Today we took our life into our hands and ventured out onto snowy country lanes to get to an ancient churchyard that we both love. The main roads were perfectly clear but the lesser used roads are a different story.


Still, we made it in one piece (although we had a few hairy moments when we tried to turn the car round, before deciding it was best to just keep driving in a straight line until we found a main road!)

But the trip was certainly worth it because the place was even more beautiful in the snow than it is in the sun. The church itself was built in the 1100s and very little about it has changed, although the porch and bellcote are newer additions, but it’s not just its history that makes it special. It sits in a lovely peaceful setting with views out over lower Wharfedale, and it’s always a lovely place to go and just be quiet for a while.

Here’s the church when we visited this summer.



And here are some shots of it today (some are mine, but some, including the lovely panorama, are Phil’s) As always you can click to make them bigger.







Just look at this amazing window!


And here’s me valiantly braving the cold to get just the right shot. (Yes, I know that’s a silly hat!)


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