It Doesn’t Get Any More Beautiful Than This

Today we went to sign contracts on the purchase of our new house and beforehand, we visited the house for lunch, kindly offered by the current owners. They’re really lovely people and lunch was delicious (dessert was a lovely bread and butter pudding with custard – yum!) but the highlight of the visit was seeing the area in the snow.

I’ve seen some wonderful scenery in my time but I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything more beautiful than the area around the house. We know that winters will sometimes be inconvenient living up in the hills, but sights like this can make up for any downsides, and living in this house will make getting through the winters much easier. How could it not with views like this? (click to make larger)


I’ll say no more and let the rest of my photos speak for themselves.








Quite a bit different to New York City, huh?

We’re probably looking at moving in some time in mid-March and we genuinely can’t wait.

8 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Get Any More Beautiful Than This

  1. Congratulations, Louise! As someone who lives in an apartment with extremely noisy neighbors, I long for a house someplace in the middle of ALOT of open territory! I am so envious of you! lol. It was very sweet of the former home owners to invite you to lunch. I wish you peace, happiness and joy in your new home. ♥

  2. Beautiful photos, as always…definitely think the third one should be your christmas card pic this year! Very impressed that the road is so clear too! Looks like you have found yourself a little piece of paradise! I am jealous!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful picturesque setting Louise ,I just know you will be so happy in your new home. Congratulations once again & all the very best for your future 🙂

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