A Sunday in York

What I love about York is that it’s always surprising. It’s an ancient city within a bustling modern town, so around every corner you find some or other treasure that may be medieval, Georgian or even Roman.

I took a trip into town on the train on Sunday, and went without a plan other than to wander down any lane or path that took my fancy. The first one took me into the gardens of the Yorkshire museum, which turned out to be a beautifully landscaped park with this magnificent ruin right in the middle.




After leaving the park, I walked into town, coming first to the beautiful minster.


This magnificent church was begun in the 1200s, but not completed until 1472. Now that’s what you call patience! As you walk by it, it’s almost impossible to comprehend that it’s been there so long. But some of the building is even older, dating back to Norman and even Roman times. Amazing.


Having lit a candle for my dad, who would have been 78 last week had he lived, I picked the first winding street I came across and just started wandering. What a joy!









After a few hours of exploring and taking photos I headed back for the train station, crossing the river Ouse for my last glimpse of the city for now.


After all that history, the Victorian railway station seems positively modern!


If you come to visit England on holiday, see York. And if you’re moving back here, make a point of going to visit. I promise you won’t regret it.


2 thoughts on “A Sunday in York

  1. What a lovely Sunday! I just love seeing old, old buildings … here in the States, we don’t have any buildings nearly that old and for some reason, I’m drawn to them. Thanks for sharing!

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