A Drive to Snaith

I had an appointment today about an hour’s drive away in a village called Snaith. I’ve been 3 times now and never actually seen the village center, but today I took a wrong turn and found myself among the shops.

This part of Yorkshire isn’t particularly scenic – it’s very flat and not particularly green – and yet this village was a delight. I snapped some photos to show you.

I love the gorgeous Georgian windows and the church nestling at the bottom of the street. It all looks as it must have looked for hundreds of years. Well except the horrendous PVC windows closest to the camera on the left.

snaith centre

You don’t get too many of these half-timbered buildings in this part of England


And I love the butchers


Here are more lovely Georgian buildings


And the pub


And finally, I just loved the name of this street – BeastFair – and the gorgeous old brick on this building. Just look at all the shades and colors in those bricks. Fantastic!


This is one thing I’ve really appreciated since we got back – that no matter where you are, you can suddenly turn a corner and find beautiful buildings like these.

And in case there’s any doubt which county we’re in …


5 thoughts on “A Drive to Snaith

  1. I would *love* to know the backstory as to why the street was named Beast Gate! Beautiful town – I can imagine myself being very happy living there. Thanks so much for the photos.

      • I’m thinking that it must have been where they once traded animals on market day. In Skipton there’s a street called Sheep Street and it’s so named because they used to drive sheep up there into the market place. Apparently the entire centre of town, which is now filled with bakeries and boutiques and nice little trinket shops, was once filled with live animals several times a week. As a vegetarian, I’m quite glad it’s changed!

  2. This is where Ian lived when I met him. I loved it. It’s a typical East Riding village. There are hundreds of them, all with at least some houses which have been beautifully and lovingly preserved. Is there another county in England with such a diversity of beautiful landscapes and buildings which seem to have just grown, rather than having been built, as Yorkshire?

    • It’s true. I love all the different stone – and then when you get over this way it turns into this beautiful old red brick. Gorgeous!

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