Public Footpaths

If you’re at all interested in walking and ever lived in Britain, you’ll know all about public footpaths. I never gave them much thought until we moved away. I suppose I imagined that every country allowed its citizens to walk all over the place free of charge, even across private land, just as I imagined that everyone had some version of the NHS.

But they don’t. And now that I’m back, I really appreciate this great gift. I walk most days even if only for half an hour some days, and it’s nice to be able to get off the road and away from the traffic. The path near us is called the Harrogate Ringway and it’s about 20 miles long in total.


I just do bits and then loop back home, but I thoroughly enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the countryside, even on grey winter’s days. Where we live now isn’t the most scenic place in the country, although it’s pretty enough, and yet I always feel nourished by the time I spend out on this walk. (Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to moving to our new house, which is bang in the middle of countryside to die for).

Here are some photos from this morning’s walk along the Ringway footpath








The path continues across more fields if you climb these little stone steps, but work was calling and I had to leave that part of the walk for another day.


What about you? Are you a walker who appreciated public footpaths when you were living here? Or are you like me, and planning to make more of them if you move back?


10 thoughts on “Public Footpaths

  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful photos Louise…they cheer me up so much in this snowy Indiana winter! I really miss being able to walk the footpaths around my village back home, and if we ever get to retire I think we might join the Ramblers. I think it is so important to keep our footpaths open. Keep those photos coming!

    • You’re welcome Jan. No snow here yet, but being part-American, we stocked up with snow shovels and eco-friendly ‘salt’ – now we just need at least a dusting to make it worthwhile!

  2. You say it’s not the best scenery? Sure looks good to me.
    That last shot of the stile over the wall was the greatest. Oh to be there.

    • It is pretty cheers, and I’m not complaining at all, but I do like the hills and look forward to being among them every day.

  3. I thought i could wait till i was having chemo tomorrow to read your blog and of course l was hoping for pictures, but i gave in and read it today.

  4. I loved to walk when i lived in England, and look forward to starting again when i come home, i have treatment every day this week, so appreciate your daily blog and photos, thanks for the little bit of home.

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