Sunday Pub Lunch

Two years ago when I was still in America, I wrote a post entitled The 10 Best Things About the UK and one of the things I said I was most looking forward to was Sunday lunch in the pub with friends.

That’s exactly what we did today. Ruth and I have been friends since we were both 19 and our love of food has not changed since that time.

The pub we chose is unusual in offering a vegetarian option for the Sunday roast – a delicious leek and mushroom roly poly. The dead animals others were eating can’t possible taste as good as this!


Here’s Ruth and Mark


And here are a couple of shots of the pub. It’s a beautiful old building with a warren of rooms, low ceilings, solid wood beams and open fires. Sorry the pictures are blurry – not sure what happened.



Amazing to look back on the original post I wrote and to think that it was over 18 months ago. Back then we had no idea how this move would work out, but now here we are, just a few weeks away from moving into a new house, and back into the swing of life here as if we’d never left. If you’re thinking about a move back and occasionally have the wobblies, just picture that first Sunday pub lunch with friends. Believe me, it makes all the stress and hassle worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Pub Lunch

  1. A Sunday pub lunch is one of the top things that I missed from the UK. Pubs are just great, aren’t they? Such a shame that so many in rural areas are closing down.

    • What I’m finding is that the good ones are thriving, but the average or crappy ones are closing down. Now that it’s not automatic to go out drinking, a pub has to justify its existence by creating a nice atmosphere, providing really good beer, and cooking good food. Those that do tend to be crammed full no matter how rural they are. But those who try to carry on as though nothing has changed, they go out of business quickly.

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