A Wasted Journey

Today we drove up north of Harrogate to visit an antiques store that has lovely stuff at really good prices. It’s about 20 minutes north of where we live, just on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and I always enjoy the drive because the closer you get to the store, the hillier and prettier it gets.

But today was one of those days when we remember that we’re still aliens here, still used to the American way of doing things. It never even crossed our minds than the store wouldn’t be open on a Saturday in January, but this is England and many small businesses are closed until next Monday. They closed before Christmas and don’t reopen for 2 weeks, despite the fact that the New Year’s Day holiday was on Tuesday and it’s now 4 days later!!

So, I won’t be posting pictures of the big old barn that houses the antiques or the lovely old things they sell, but I can show you some of the views as we drove up there (and back again). Sorry for the quality – they were taken from the car window as we drove. (As always, you can click to make the pictures bigger).








Looks like we’ll have to wait until next weekend to see more than fields, sheep and villages!

2 thoughts on “A Wasted Journey

    • Wendy, about 10 minutes. Honestly, it was so easy and I had worked myself into a state about it. But when I actually got behind the wheel, everything came back and it was no problem at all.

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