Flowers? In January?

Britain has a weird climate – our winters are grey and damp, but for the most part mild. And I’d forgotten that this temperate climate means that flowers and blossoms can start as early as January. I went for a walk around the village today and snapped a picture every time I saw something flowering. There turned out to be 27 photos! Here are just a few of them.

First, to prove it really is winter, here’s the grey, damp village.



But here is a selection of the buds and flowers I saw on my 40 minute loop









If you live in Florida or California, this must seem like no big deal. But to someone who’s used to not seeing forsythia until mid-March, this is such a lovely surprise.


One thought on “Flowers? In January?

  1. Your comment on the damp morning in the village……..yes but it makes all the nicer to be home and all wraped up cosy like.
    Thank you so much for the snaps. Makes my day.

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