A (Wet) Walk Round Harrogate

Phil had to get a haircut this afternoon so I went with him and had a wander round the shops. I’ll miss Harrogate when we move. I love the grand old buildings and the little shops



The town was once a spa town where people came to take the waters


The baths are still in use but they also house other businesses including the tourist information office


This is a little mews with antique shops and quaint little boutiques


Plus this lovely barber’s shop


And the best thing? Flowers in January!



2 thoughts on “A (Wet) Walk Round Harrogate

  1. Lovely pictures today. A long time ago I was offered a teaching job in Harrogate and turned it down, what a fool. I am a yorkshire girl who has spent the last 22 years living in australia and missing england every day. Unfortunately once you have children decisions on uprooting and moving home become very complex. Hopefully one day I will return permanently until then I look forward to your year of photos to keep me in touch with my homeland.
    (I am bunkered down with the air-conditioning going as its going to be 41 degrees C here today, yorkshire weather would be far preferable however wet and cold!)

    • Julie, I so sympathize with you on the heat. When it gets above 70 degrees, I feel so miserable, so summers in NY were a washout for me. I’d much rather have rain as mad as that sounds.

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