Marmite Cashew Nuts – I’m Not Even Kidding

First day back at work after the holidays and no time for fun, but I did have to pop out for some groceries and it struck me that some of you Ex-Pat readers might be missing English food as much as I used to. So if you dream of Maltesers or yearn for Jaffa Cakes, these photos are for you!

Here’s the local Sainsburys. You can see that the weather was grey, wet and cold for a change (end sarcasm).


Mr Kipling is still going strong

mr kipling

You know you’re home when Jacob’s cream crackers fill several shelves

cream crackers

As do chocolate digestives

choccy biscuits

And when they even flavor cashew nuts with Marmite


And when there are all sorts of interesting cheeses, each more delicious than the last. (Honestly, who wouldn’t want to try cheese that’s been aged in a cave?)


This is why I had to see a hypnotist last month to help me lose weight


Now I can walk down that aisle without even stopping. A few weeks ago … not so much!

Until we arrived home, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed familiar foods. Even the sight of a bottle of salad cream made me smile and I hate salad cream.

Is it just me or do you feel the same? If you’re living away from home, what foods do you miss the most? And what do you think of marmite nuts as a concept?

15 thoughts on “Marmite Cashew Nuts – I’m Not Even Kidding

  1. I’ve been home for 7 months now and hadn’t yet come across Marmite cashews Louise. I think I’ll pop out to do a bit of shopping tomorrow 🙂 Despite the almost constant liquid sunshine since our return I am still frequently taken unawares by little thrills of joy that start at the tips of my toes. Isn’t it incredible to be home?

    And anyway, if we were still Stateside I’d be firing up the snow-blower yet again whilst looking forward to another 3 or 4 months of deep freeze and drifts. Nope. I think I shall take my precip liquid when I can.

    Your little corner of England looks wonderful…keep showing us pictures won’t you?

    • Hi Maggi, I love the phrase ‘liquid sunshine.’ Nice way to look at it. Hee.

      Marmite nuts are really lovely, although I don’t actually like straight marmite all that much. My husband swears by the marmite crisps too, although I haven’t tasted those.

  2. I don’t seem to see Jacobs Lemon Cream biscuits on the shelves. My other favorite is Burtons Burbons.
    I love your photos of real everyday life in Yorkshire.

  3. Another thing I like is that you included the price.
    Which supermarket do you like? In some cases your choice may be limited by where you liver.

  4. I miss the savory foods the most like bacon,sausages,pork pies & pasties. Bread & rolls are so much better.tooIf I were to start on the sweets I wouldn’t know where to start or where to end so I just won’t mention them……love admiring the photos though !!

    • You know what I noticed? Bread toasts better here. I don’t know why but the most ordinary mass market loaf of bread gets this really nice slight crisp to it when toasted and I never got that in Canada or America. Weird.

      • You are exactly right there Louise in fact I make a loaf in my bread machine every now & again just so I can have some crispy toast ,I wonder why the American store bought doesn’t toast crispy ?

  5. I don’t even know what Marmite is .. thought it was some sort of religion. 😉 As I opened this blog I got the feeling something was wrong. It took me a moment but then I realized what it was. Are you SURE you took these in England? The supermarket isn’t in the middle of beautiful rolling green fields amongst tons of wildflowers or nestled between a quaint pub and tea shop on a cobblestone street. It looks VERY much like supermarkets in the US. Wad up wit dat?

    • `The rolling hills are just in the background and the quaint pub is next door. There’s nothing ordinary here – it’s just 100% pretty 😉

  6. Excellent and very welcome photos, thanks ~ I lap up any reminder of the U.K. right now. We live in Maine where it’s currently -9* C and very tundraesque. We plan to return to the U.K. by the end of 2013. I really don’t want to endure another New England winter. Cheers, Bill

    • Hi Bill, how exciting that you’ll be home next year! Sympathies on the winters – I spent 6 years in Toronto and that was enough for me.

  7. Lovely post, made me homesick even more than i already was…i love seeing photos of average everyday things like the supermarket that i miss. I really miss twiglets/quavers/aeros/penguins/cheshire cheese/crumpets/ and of course fish and chips

    • Sorry for making you homesick! Oh yes crumpets! And fish and chips – so lovely. I’ve limited them for obvious reasons, but the few times we’ve had them have all been memorable 🙂

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