New Direction for the Blog – A Photo a Day

So here we are at the start of a new year and I’ve been woefully inadequate as a blogger these last few months. Having put so much energy and time and planning and hope into this move back home, we’re now here and settled and happy. And somehow that makes it harder to muster up the old enthusiasm for writing about it all.

But I know how many people are living far away from Britain and missing home. And I know how much it means to them to see pictures and hear stories of England. So I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I can maintain the blog for 2013 without these long silences. My solution is this: I’ll post a photo – always one but sometimes more – every day. Sometimes they will be mine, sometimes they will be someone else’s, but together they will hopefully tell the story of a year in the UK. Sometimes I’ll explain, and sometimes I’ll say nothing, but every day, there will be something.

I took today’s photos in Knaresborough where we saw in the New Year with a brisk walk down Waterside, up the castle steps and into the new Cafe Nero that just opened in the Market Square.






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