We’re Buying a House!

That’s me standing outside the house we’re buying. (And yes, it really was that cold!)

I don’t want to post photos and jinx the whole thing, but the place is lovely and we can’t wait. Stone walls, beams, wood burning stove in the fireplace, beautiful views, a lovely big garden, and a kitchen to die for. The house is in the middle of the countryside, and yet only a few miles from two decent-sized towns. It’s an easy drive to Manchester, which means some of England’s best concerts and theatre and art galleries will be close enough to visit any time (not to mention our friends). And that’s the other thing – it’s closer to almost everyone we want to see than where we are now. Moving will shave 30 minutes off the journey to my mum, and 40 minutes off the journey to Phil’s parents. It will mean two of my closest friends are within a 10-minute train ride, and that we can see Phil’s friends any time we like. To have all that and yet be able to look out of the kitchen window and see nothing but fields and sheep? That seems like heaven to me.

Here is the view from the lane just a minute’s walk from the house

And here is from the field behind the house, looking down towards the village

It seems too good to be true to be honest, but I’ve decided not to worry. Que sera sera and all that.

We’ve been looking for a house since late August. We started by just driving up to places we liked the look of and sizing up the neighborhoods. Then we ventured inside our first property in early September. We saw this one right after that and I fell in love instantly. The same happened when we bought our house in New York; I saw it from the outside and was smitten right away. Going inside just confirmed what I thought. It was perfect!

But then, unlike the time we bought out house in New York, I started to talk myself out of it. I mean, it wasn’t actually perfect – there were a few niggling things and Phil had some concerns and the more we talked, the more I shared them. So although I left our second visit sure we would put in an offer, in the end we didn’t.

And so we kept on searching – and very seriously considered another house in the same general area – but somewhere in the back of my mind was this niggling little thought: “none of them are a patch on the second one we saw.” Last weekend, after another trip out to see more houses, we started to talk and the subject of that house came up again. This time, those niggling little concerns just seemed like what they were – small fry. It was far and away the nicest house and the best value for money that we had seen and we both realized it at the same time.

So, on Monday morning we called and made an offer, and by lunchtime, the deal was done!

Now we wade through lawyers and mortgage companies and paperwork, but eventually, some time early next year, we’ll be moving into our own piece of the English countryside. We can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “We’re Buying a House!

  1. Oh, look at that big smile on your face! I can’t wait to see more pictures. Here’s to years and years of happiness and health in your new home!!!!

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