Staycation Part 3

It’s taking me way longer than I thought it would to cover one week – we’ve been back at work for two weeks now! – but I am soldiering on because I think I have some photos some of you will enjoy.

On day 3, we met up with a friend of ours and headed off to the coast for the day. The Yorkshire coast offers quite a bit of variety, from the wild cliffs at Flamborough, to the holiday towns of Filey, Scarborough and Bridlington, but for our trip we chose Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay. The drive over there was beautiful. It takes about 2 hours from here and the road takes you through the North Yorkshire Moors.

Our friend John hadn’t eaten before we set off in order to squeeze every last second of sleep in, so by the time we arrived at about noon, he was famished. But not to worry – Whitby is famous for having the best fish and chips in Yorkshire (maybe even England) so it wasn’t hard to make him happy.

Parking was almost impossible and we only had an hour in town before we had to move the car, so we fought our way through the crowds (I had no idea it would be that busy) in order to walk along the harbour.

We decided it would be less crowded up on the hill at the old abbey, which overlooks the town and this turned out to be a wise move. First there were very few people up there and second, it’s gorgeous.

A crumbling old abbey (a key inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula), glorious blue skies, good company, and views of the sea … who could ask for more?

After Whitby, we headed for Robin Hood’s Bay, but on the way, we stopped at a little old church I had read about in a village called Fylingdales. I do love graveyards – I have no idea why – and they don’t get much better than a graveyard that overlooks a bay like this one.

The sheep were the icing on the cake

So really, if the day had ended then, we’d have been very happy campers. Wild bleak moorland. Check. Beautiful harbor. Check. Delicious lunch. Check. Glorious ruined abbey. Check. Spectacular views of the sea. Check. We could have gone home right there.

But we had one more stop off and it was a good one.

Robin Hood’s Bay is just 15 minutes from Whitby and, while I’m assured that I visited as a child, I don’t remember it, so it was all new to me.

You have to park the car at the top of the hill and walk down into the village. It’s such a steep hill that about half way down, we started to say to each other ‘you do know we’ll have to get back up here don’t you?’ But we made it all the way down and we were very glad we did.

Of course that last picture was taken right at the bottom of the hill, out on the beach. After that we had to get all the way back up. Luckily for us, right at the top of the hill was a pub with outdoor picnic tables overlooking the bay. Ah, that’ll do!

2 thoughts on “Staycation Part 3

  1. Hi Sally, I’m glad I found your blog.
    I’m writing a publication for the Sunday Times about British expats who returned home. I would like to talk to you about your work experience there and here. Would be great to have a have 5 min talk on the phone or get your experience via e-mail as you prefer. Would be great to hear from you soon as my article is due to this Friday. Thanks


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