Why We May have to Buy a House in Skipton

Phil might insist on it after our most recent visit

Pies and pasties aren’t big in America the way they are here. Of course, they have pies (although not really pasties) but savory pies are not a staple the way they are in England. Damn shame I say! I don’t indulge often for obvious reasons (thighs) but every now and then, there’s nothing better. This day we went over checking out houses and got really hungry. I can’t tell you how well that leek and stilton pie went down!

Back to the staycation in my next post.

12 thoughts on “Why We May have to Buy a House in Skipton

  1. What with your posts about Yorkshire, and a friend’s FB posts of wonderful photos of Northumberland, I’ll just have to visit the North on my next trip!

  2. Oh my that sounds so yummy:-) I love pies….Cornish ,meat & tater ,steak & kidney !! Just had lunch but I’m making myself hungry again ,ha ha ha.

  3. My parents-in-law have just sold a house in Skipton. Skipton is a lovely lovely town – though they say it is horribly busy in the summer, with tourists.

    • Yes, I’ve been one of those tourists this summer šŸ™‚ It’s not too bad though – not as bad as somewhere like Windermere or Grassingotn.

  4. What a lovely blog this is.
    We’ve been in New Zealand for nine years but my heart remains in England & I hope to return for good one day.

  5. I moved from west yorkshire to the us 15 years ago. And as somebody who dreams of returning i find great comfort in your story and all the great photos on your blog. When i do move back i also want to live in the more scenic north yorkshire.

    • Hi Shay, it’s lovely isn’t it? I never want to leave now! West Yorkshire has some stunning scenery too though – where did you live before?

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