What We’ve Been Up To In Pictures

The problem with keeping a blog that a few people actually read is that when you fall behind, you start to feel really bad. And you think ‘well I can’t possibly tell them everything unless I have a few hours to spare so I’ll wait’ but of course you never get a few hours and the long you don’t write, the worse the problem gets because there’s more to tell.

I assume a less anal person than myself would just skip the last few weeks and get right into the latest news (which for us is a house hunt, but that will have to wait for another post). But alas I am not that person.

So what I’ve decided to do is just tell the story of the last few weeks in pictures. So here goes.

First there was Dave and Deb’s wedding. It felt weird to be able to actually go to a wedding rather than hearing about it from 3,000 miles away. Dave is one of our oldest friends and Deb is a sweetheart so it was a lovely afternoon.

Just before the wedding we had to go into Knaresborough to pick something up for Dave and we ran into these two guys.

Just another day at Knaresborough Castle I guess.

Around the same time we took a country walk in Wharfedale with Jon and Simon and had such a great time. The walk was about 3.5 miles, but we broke it up with a pub lunch – sitting outside next to a river eating wonderful food and having a beer with two of our best friends … that was a good day 🙂

One sunny evening we took a walk around Almscliff Crag, a rocky area about 10 minutes drive from our house. It was stunning up there and the views were to die for in every direction. (Click the photo to make bigger)

Almscliffe gave us a taste for rocks and so we spent a lovely morning at Brimham Rocks, about 20 minutes north of us.

The landscapes around here have re-inspired my love of painting and drawing, so I signed up for a BA in Painting with Open College of the Arts (like Open University only for creative subjects). I don’t have to do the whole degree if I don’t want to, but I may well decide to go the whole way. For now my first class is drawing and I’ve discovered a new interest in pen, ink and water drawing.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the Harrogate/dales area of Yorkshire, but not much around Ripon and York, so we started taking short day trips out to see villages in this area. Turns out they’re all picture perfect and look like they came from a chocolate box. This is Bishop Monkton, which has a little brook running down along the main street, so that some of the people have to cross a little bridge to get out of their house.

I went into Leeds to have lunch with Jon and we wound up in a restaurant right opposite one of the gold postboxes that are painted in any town with a gold medal winner. Not sure who this one was for as Leeds had a few gold medals, but all the time we were eating people were going over and having their pictures taken. So of course right after lunch, I had to do the same!

Leeds really has been spiffed up since the days I worked there *cough cough* years ago

A few more random events …

We went to visit Phil’s brother and took the scenic way over the Peak District. This photo can’t even begin to do justice to how spectacular it was up there (if a little windy!) We’ll be back for sure.

We discovered Boroughbridge, a small market town close to Ripon.

I took some lovely morning walks in the fields and lanes around our house

And finally, we started tentatively looking for a house to buy

But more about that next time 🙂

3 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To In Pictures

  1. Wonderful pictures! I wish I could get to England one day. Also, you’re a really good artist! Good Luck in school. (Let us see your progress.)

  2. Well, this was certainly worth the wait. I’m beginning to see why you missed home so much, England is a beautiful country. You should write a travel book. Loved the drawing, hope to see more. Good luck on your course work and your house hunt.

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