I Can See for Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles …

We haven’t really done anything this week except work, so it was nice to get the chance to go out this morning – a beautiful sunny clear blue day with lovely temperatures in the high 60s and a gentle breeze. A few weeks ago, our handyman told us about The Coldstone Cut – a huge public art installation in one of the more remote spots in this area – and we decided to go have a look.

It was a 30-minute drive and once we had parked the car we had a bit of a walk, including having to cross this busy road – good thing it wasn’t rush hour

Then up a slightly steep path for maybe half a mile

But before long we were at the top – the entrance is marked by this huge boulder, with the artist’s signature carved into the stone.

Looking back behind us, this was the view

The entrance is marked with two stone walls that suddenly arise out of the wild landscape and draw you in.

Then you walk through stone passageways that go up and round in a spiral until you reach the viewing platforms (there are several). One of them has this amazing 360 degree compass, that shows the direction and distance for places all over the world.

So just keep going in a straight line 2,498km past Ripon Cathedral and you get to Moscow. Good to know.

And the views from up there – oh my, the views! My photos cannot possibly do justice, but in one direction, you find yourself gazing into an enormous quarry that you would never guess was there from the roads and paths down below.

And on the other side there are just moors and dales and sheep and trees as far as the eye can see.

Finally, it was time to make our way back down but we were left with memories and feelings we’ll literally never forget.

And all of it half an hour from our house and provided free of charge. I have no idea whose idea it was to build an art installation in the back of beyond, but I thank whoever it was. Completely nutty and utterly wonderful!

One thought on “I Can See for Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles …

  1. Hi Louise, Carol Smith here from Melbourne Australia, I think we are 3rd cousins? I am sure your Mum could put me right on that! I am sure also that your Mum has mentioned about all of us over here! Your long lost relatives! I took great delight in having a quick look at your blog, but only today sadly, your Mum sent me the connection about a month ago. Trev & I (husband) were in Yorkshire June/July & one of the 1st places that amazed us was the Coldstone Cut, so you brought me happy memories. I was sorry I did not get to see your Mum (& you) this year, we met your Mum last year, she is lovely. Wishing you happy settling back in to Yorkshire and will check out the blog from time to time. Hope to make a trip in 2014 again with my daughter Leanne & family, may catch up then? This year we stayed in Ripon, last year we stayed in a converted barn in Huby, when we come in 2014 we hope to stay in the barn again with Leanne & Co. Best wishes to all from Carol Smith and family, please say hello to your Mum.

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