All Moved In …

Finally, 6 weeks after we arrived back in Britain, we’re all moved in to our new house. Well, all moved in bar a few pieces of missing furniture and the odd cardboard box lying around. Yesterday, we went over and cleaned out our last few possessions from the short-term rental, put out the rubbish for collection, cleaned the carpets where Theo vomited, and that was that. New people will be arriving there this Friday to enjoy the river views and wrestle with the malfunctioning shower doors. And this won’t be my morning walk anymore …

The new house is in a very different setting to the old one. Instead of the river and a busy tourist street, we have views of fields …

The village is a small one with just a pub and a post office, although we do have our own doctor’s surgery. Here’s a photo of the ‘centre’ of the village …

We absolutely love the new house, but the one sad part about our move is that little Theo the cat has missed it all. We had to leave him in the animal hospital on the day of the move because he was throwing up. He’s been diagnosed as hyperthyroid and because we can’t medicate him without stressing him to the max, the vet suggested surgery. Only he couldn’t have the surgery until he’d been on medication for at least a few days to try and normalize his system. So they had him since Wednesday and operated yesterday. If all goes well, he’ll be able to come home in a day or two. I hope so because we miss him so much and I worry that the house is becoming Beanie’s territory.

We had worried about moving here here on her own – she hated the last move and we thought Theo going missing might make it harder for her. But instead she’s been queening it up around the house, loving every minute of being numero uno!

The next few weeks will be all about clearing out the mover’s boxers, putting away the last bits and pieces and buying the things we’re still missing. But already, the house feels like a home, something I was worried about as we haven’t rented in a very long time. The living room is about finished

The bedrooms are coming along, and the kitchen is almost done. The garden will be a work in progress for some time as I learn about container gardening, but I’ve already potted up some of the plants in the photo below, including flowers, strawberries, peas, lettuce and runner beans. Plus mum is bringing me some tomato plants later today. I have no idea if I’ll manage to make everything grow in pots (don’t really want to dig up the landlord’s lawn to make beds) but I’m going to give it a good try.

The plus of course, is that for the first time in 13 years, I’m not fighting ivy and vine weed. To say I was past the point of caring would be an understatement. If we’d stayed in the old house much longer, I think I would have just let the damn stuff take over the house!

So anyway, it feels good to be settled again, to have our own furniture and pictures (even if they’re not actually hung on the walls yet). It might have only been 8 weeks since we began the move process but it feels like a (very tiring) lifetime ago.

Now all we need to do is get Theo back, so this house can truly become our home.

3 thoughts on “All Moved In …

  1. Beautiful, peaceful views and what a charming village. To bad you couldn’t bring the river with you and leave all the tourist behind. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of container gardening in no time, especially after seeing the pictures of your garden in NY. I’m so sorry about Theo, but here’s to hoping this surgery will fix his health problems. Love your living room….so inviting.

  2. I was born and bred in Yorkshire and have lived in the USA for 3 and half years now, my husband is American, and we are seriously thinking about going back “home” thankyou for your posts, I have been told allsorts of horror stories about the state of the economy over in the UK, but you have confirmed my suspicions that it isn’t as bad as it is painted, we haven’t decided where exactly we want to live so any advice would be appreciated, I lived in Huddersfield, but am willing to move wherever in the UK these days, I am 56 years old and so don’t need to frantic life lol, any advice for me?

    • Hi Sharon,
      I love North Yorkshire. If you don’t care about being near a big city, how about Richmond up near the northern Dales – absolutely gorgeous and not too expensive. Closer to big towns, I love Pateley Bridge which is still rural and peaceful but only 20 minutes from Harrogate. Or Knaresborough which is lovely but now we’re getting more expensive because it’s nearer to York and Leeds. There are also some gorgeous places out in the North Yorks Moors area, or the Yorkshire Wolds and again, these tend to be less expensive.

      Good luck with your move back!

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