8 Short Weeks

We had dinner ad drinks with an old friend last night. We saw him last in March a few weeks before we moved. When he was there, we were still looking for a place to live in the UK, our house in Bronxville was as it had been for the last however many years, our cats were blissfully unaware of what was about to happen, and on the surface of things, our lives were going on as they always had.

Just 8 weeks ago. I really can’t believe it because it feels as though lifetime has passed since his last stay. We have changed almost everything about our lives and done it all in a few weeks. No wonder I’m tired!

In the last few years before we made this move, I felt as though life ws speeding by. Now 8 weeks seems like a lifetime. I think it’s because everything is new and different and interesting – the way life seems to move slowly when you’re a kid and then gets faster the older you are. Perhaps that’s because we’re so acclimatized to everything as we age. It’s a lesson to me that we need to avoid getting stuck in a rut once we’re finally settled down. I wonder if that’s even possible?

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