Take Me to the River

I think we both agree we struck it lucky with this short-term rental – this part of Knaresborough is just gorgeous! We’re only here for 7 weeks, but we plan to make the most of it. Yesterday we walked into town and today we took a walk down Waterside, which is the street where we’re staying. Here are some of the photos I took on those two walks…


7 thoughts on “Take Me to the River

  1. Beautiful pictures….love the little dingy full of flowers. The English countryside is stunning, somewhat like the South in early spring before the summer heat bakes it to a pile of dust. So happy to read in your last blog that the cats survived the long trip and that you already feel so at home.

    Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Oh super pictures. So glad you posted them. Brings fond memories of growing up in England.. And I miss it more now.
    I will have to speed up saving for my ticket home for a visit now.:)
    How are the kitties doing ?
    As Pam said cannot wait for more reading about this new journey you are embarking on.

  3. You have a professional touch in making up the photographs and posting them. Each of the photographs have charm. You lucky sod being in such a beautiful area. Continue to enjoy.

  4. Fantastic post and photographs. I am so so envious. Have lurked and followed your ‘journey’ for some time now having been a poster on the other place but no more. I look forward to more photos. You are so lucky and the fact your close to where I would be makes me even more envious. Congratulations

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