One Last Walk in Central Park

For one week every year, these blossoms come out in Central Park’s conservatory garden. We were lucky enough to see them before we leave

The tulips are also out in the formal French garden

The more informal English garden is always lovely

As is the Harlem Meer

Then one last drive down Fifth Avenue on our way to cut across the park and head home

Au Revoir, New York City…

5 thoughts on “One Last Walk in Central Park

  1. Beautiful pictures….love the tulips. Your “One last walk” made me sad, but goodbyes are always sad.

    Do you think you will ever return to the States for a visit?

    • I hope so Pam. The new owners of our house have even invited us to stay with them if we come back, which is kind of them. But I think it will probably be a while, because there is so much of England and Europe that we haven’t explored. Our first few years worth of vacations will probably be over there.

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