The Questions People Ask

Are you making the most of your last few weeks?
Are you doing all the things you always wanted to?
How are you staying so calm?
Are you scared?

The truth is that there’s no time to do anything except make arrangements and with so much to do, there’s no energy left to get scared. As for staying calm, it’s just one of those things that happens when you have lots of crap to deal with and you just go into automatic. No point in whining or feeling sorry for yourself – better just to get on with it.

It would be lovely to take these last 8 (*gulp*) full days and spend them seeing the sites in Manhattan, or maybe taking a trip to Boston or Washington, but the truth is it’s just impossible. Yesterday, in between our usual daily workload, we had to go out and buy a bigger suitcase and some travel necessities, then stop at the post office to pick up a Fed Ex label that we’ll need to send off the cats’ travel paperwork. When we got back, Phil made some calls to notify our credit card companies that we’d be moving while I worked on arranging utilities at our new place in England. Today we have to make more calls to credit card companies and this afternoon we have to take the cats to the vet for their EU health check-ups (and the paperwork for which we already got the fed-Ex label). While I’ve been working on projects for clients, Phil has also been selling our car, and making arrangements for the movers and junk removal companies to come in next week. I spent Sunday afternoon sewing soft foam inside two absorbent crate pads to make a comfy place to lie for the cats when they are trapped in those damn travel crates for hours. Phil spent yesterday afternoon cancelling utilities and today I’ll be sending in a letter to cut off our health benefits at the end of next week. Oh and the real estate agent called and wants to pop in and say hi, and we have to go in and see the lawyer to sign paperwork on the house sale.

By the time evening comes, I’m so tired that I have no energy left to be scared. Every now and then a flash of fear slinks through my brain but I’m usually asleep before I’ve had time to process it.

I did have one moment of cold terror though, when it suddenly struck me that I talk funny now. I heard myself saying that we’ll be living “in the boonies” and realized that if I say that same phrase in 9 days time, no one will understand what I mean. But I expect I can work around that.


4 thoughts on “The Questions People Ask

  1. Hoping you all a safe journey across the pond. I am originally from the UK, family live in Leigh on Sea and up around Newcastle and Sunderland.. I miss home so much sometimes it hurts.. I have been here going on 20 years.. I think I am a teeny bit envious.. LOL.. Bon Voyage !!!!!

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