I’m Theo. Fly Me!

We made progress this week. Both cats have been microchipped and had their rabies shots – prerequisites for being allowed into the UK. The last step is to get health certificates for them 10 days before we fly.

Of course, the legal details are the least of our worries. We are both fretting about how they will manage on the flight. So we bought their carriers (the airlines have requirements for the kind of carriers you can use) and set them both up in the living room so that the cats can get used to them.

Theo has taken to his like the proverbial duck to water, but Bean won’t even look at hers – even after I put her favorite blanket in there.

Meanwhile the search for a UK rental property goes on. We have a place for the first few weeks but finding something more permanent is proving more of a challenge than we had hoped. We found two houses we liked but so far haven’t had an offer accepted. I just know the third time will be the lucky one!


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