55 Days to Go!

Despite getting an offer at the beginning of January, it’s taken this long for the house sale to be final. Finally, on Friday we heard that the buyers have a firm mortgage commitment. So that’s it. The lawyers will agree a closing date in mid-April, the ‘for sale’ sign has come down, and the panic begins!

Panic is too strong a word actually. You feel a weird mixture of emotions when you’re doing something as big as this. One minute you’re hit by a wave of excitement. The next minute, you’re buffeted by terror. And when you’re not in either of those states, you’re frantically thinking through practicalities or making phone calls to someone about something, or (in my case) feeling sharp guilt pangs about making the cats fly all that way.

We’ve made big international moves twice before, but in many ways they were easier because our company was arranging our move. We just had to pack up our stuff, sell our house, and follow the travel plans they sent us. This time we’re doing everything ourselves plus we have the cats and we have to keep the business going during the relocation period. I remember after we first moved into this house saying ‘never again!’ but it seems that here we are, once more planning major changes. Oy.

Still, I think we’re in good shape. We had originally hoped to choose a longer-term rental from over here but it’s just proving too hard to make a decision based on reports and photos from the home finder, so we’ve found a temporary rental in North Yorkshire that’s available for 7 weeks and that will accept the cats. Knowing how stressful the first few weeks are, we’ve chosen a really pretty spot to stay when we first arrive. This is the place from the outside:

And this is a shot of the riverside where the place is located:

I suppose it’s a bit of an unrealistic way to start our new lives. After all, we’re not always going to live next to a river and be able to stroll down by the water every morning before starting work, but I think that’s even more reason to do it while we can. The turret even has a rooftop garden where we can sit and watch the boats go by (if we ever get a day when it’s not raining!)

Meantime, the home finder is keeping an eye out for more permanent places and actually has an appointment to view one tomorrow that we’re both quite excited about. Fingers crossed!

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