Contract Signed!

So after all my angst, the buyers had their second inspection, found no problems and signed the contract last week. Our lawyer still has to review it, but assuming everything is OK we will be signing this week and then we just wait to hear whether the buyers get their mortgage.

It’s amazing to think that it’s only three weeks since the house went on the market. It sold so fast that the marketing hadn’t even kicked in. In fact, on the same day the contract was signed, our house was featured in the New York Post!

We knew we had priced the house well and staged it nicely, but neither of us ever imagined that it would go so quickly. We feel both amazingly fortunate and mildly terrified. Not too long ago, we were planning for a leisurely return in 2013, and now we’re probably arriving back in 3 months time.

Added to this, our business is the busiest it has ever been. We have no idea if it’s the stuff we’re doing, or the economy picking up, or a combination of both, but whatever it is, we are absolutely slammed with work. To say we are stressed would be an understatement, but it’s the good kind of stress – the kind that comes from positive change. And I remind myself of that when the “to do” list starts to look too long. I think about the people who have lost their jobs and can’t find new ones, or the people laying awake at night worrying about paying their bills, or the people who are seriously ill or dying, and try to count my blessings.

Perhaps we won’t have time to find the perfect rental property in the perfect location, but we will find a house. Maybe a few things will fall through the cracks as the business grows, but we’ll figure it out and deal with it. It’s a given that the actual move will be hard, but when it’s over we’ll be back home with the people we love.

That’s worth a little stress.


5 thoughts on “Contract Signed!

  1. Hi Paul, if we don’t wind up living in Kendal, we’ll be taking you up on some of those short break special offers. Can’t wait to have that option instead of having to plan 6 months in advance!

  2. I’m so happy you found a buyer so quickly! Yes, all the issues of moving will be well-worth it to see your dream come true. Good on the busy business too! Now I’m hoping you can find the perfect place.

  3. London’s such a great city – maybe you can stay there for a few years and move to a more desirable location when the broadband availability catches up. We are actually renting now in our major city. We don’t have family here so we wanted to make sure we were staying here permanently before settling down. Our house/school district are great, it’s a month to month lease which gives us tremendous flexibility, and we have been putting money in savings so we are able to do what we want. It’s not the way folks did it in previous generations, but it works for us and we are not upside down in a mortgage like many we know. Good luck 🙂

    • Definitely not London for us Jill. We’re northerners through and through! There are plenty of places up north with fast speeds – just not the rural locations I was dreaming of.

      I’m also quite positive about renting too. I’m looking forward to the flexibility as you said.

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