I never did like roller coasters

So we sold the house on day one as I told you. Brilliant, huh? Almost too good to be true.

And it was.

After we accepted their offer, the two guys buying the house had the usual house inspection done. Only this one was anything but usual. Apparently, they chose their home inspector because of his reputation for thoroughness. A reputation he richly deserved, as it turned out.

He spent five hours probing every corner of the house and picking fault with everything. Five hours! This was Saturday morning and we spent the rest of the weekend convinced the sale would fall through. So you can imagine how happy we were to get a call from our agent on Monday saying that, while there were a few minor issues, the guys were happy to go to contract without requesting any repairs or any price reduction. Yay!

Our lawyer sent them the contract and we began to plan for our return. Only to get a call on Thursday saying that, after reviewing the written report of the inspection, the buyers wanted to come back with a contractor. It seems their inspector had noticed some termite damage in the crawl spaces below the house – a common problem in homes in this area – and while he didn’t seem to think it was serious, he advised them to get a full termite inspection and expert advice from a licensed contractor to ensure there wasn’t any structural damage to the beams or floor joists.

We had the termite inspection done ourselves and paid Terminix to put in a termite defense system (something the bank will apparently require before making a loan on the house). And so now we are just waiting for the second inspection, which will be tomorrow morning. It’s more than a little bit nerve-wracking as it’s hard to imagine a contractor telling them everything is fine – after all, there could be thousands of dollars of work in it for him if he finds problems.

On the other hand, neither the home inspector or the termite inspector saw any evidence of real structural damage, so maybe this will all be nothing.

It’s so long since we sold a house that I had forgotten how many ups and downs there are during the process, and how intensely emotional it can become. If you’re not careful, every hitch can feel like a personal slight, and that emotion can affect your decision-making.

There really is a lot to be said for renting!


2 thoughts on “I never did like roller coasters

  1. “There really is a lot to be said for renting! ”

    I am sorry to read about your angst. Keep the faith as you are so close to the move home. Are you packing?

    Amen about renting as long as there are not obnoxious neighbors. I think I may be driving a potential realtor crazy but I’ve never sold a house before. The amount of paperwork to be completed/signed is overwhelming. I can’t imagine dealing with inspections but I have read that saying “as is” is not a positive promotional tool!!! I may just stay put rather than deal with it all. 😉

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